Thursday, September 03, 2009

Weekend Retreat

At the end of a long week, everything begins to slow in the studio. The work pace decelerates, the noise level abates. The clock takes an age to complete an hour. Conversations are longer and more personal. The phone stops ringing.
I look forward to each weekend not as an opportunity to rest but rather to work on new ideas without distraction. I buy good food. I open up the windows through the house to allow the ionized sea air to circulate through every room. I program my iTunes to play my favorite music at random. And then I draw. If I'm not too tired, I might remained focussed on a particular work for twelve hours or more.
I remember the pleasant, productive solitude that first drew me to a life as an artist.


ArneA said...

Have a nice weekend

Sheila McCann said...

Sounds like heaven!