Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Fresh Outlook

Having cleared out the furniture and everything else from three rooms, it will take another full day of hard work to clean both my home and studio. Then I'll re-organise them so that they're more comfortable as well as practical.
I've decided to postpone my move to the city and I'll abandon the enamel factory in Sydney's south-west. For the time being, I'll work on large enamels in my home studio, making space for them at one end of the modestly sized but bright, well-ventilated space I have overlooking the sea. It might not be ideal for such a noxious medium – I expect the fumes will infiltrate the rest of the house – but I won't have to drive five hours to get to and from it. During those moments when the stress (or the smell) gets too much, I can escape to the nearby beach.
I still have to find a competent painting assistant, which won't be easy this far from the city. Maybe the view will tempt someone with good skills to commute. With summer just around the corner, there are worse jobs.


fish said...

Wow, that view is unbelievable! Reading your posts the last few days has inspired me to do some reorganizing and perhaps gain a fresh perspective. Good luck with your search and keep the art coming.
Oh and, your homepage looks great, I enjoyed seeing the evolution of your work.

Mona said...

Wish I could paint well Hazel LOL! Tho' here is a quick sketch and the associated music files just may make the job somewhat more pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Self defense means installing an extractor fan in the new studio. Fumes are a serious issue.

Forgive my interference but s friend made himself mortally ill with paint fumes.

ArneA said...

With that beach I do understand that moving feels uncomfortable.
Surfing is not my profession, but just staying in horizontal position there would be a dream away from the cold here in Norway