Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Love The Smell Of Napalm

The SMS popped up on my iPhone as I sprawled on the daybed in my studio, sipping my first coffee of the day. Four words: You're such a wanker. I didn't have to look to know whom it was from.
Less than half an hour before, an art dealer had called to berate me for my blog entry,
The Ka-Boom Of The System, a couple of days ago. Did he think my account was inaccurate or unfair? Maybe. He didn't say.
What angered him most was that I had written anything at all.
Time was, not so long ago, artists had to be wary of crossing swords with art dealers, even those with modest reputations. One bad word from them could put a crimp in a promising career. But the art world post-Web 2.0 is different. I felt no fear, just a sliver of pity – for the dealer, not myself – as he muttered, "You've blown it. You've really blown it."
No, I haven't.


nathe said...

Shit, a dealer actually took the time to read your, what do you call it again, your blood is it? I bet some one printed it out for them to read!!

Sarah Marie Lacy said...

What is he, five?

Clearly professionalism at it's best - Texting someone to tell them they're a wanker. Congratulations. You win the Sour Grapes Award of the year.

Because really, if someone has to do that, how completely insecure must they actually feeling?

Newcurator said...

Name and shame

faunawolf said...

Bitterness certainly seems to be playing a role in his comments. It's amazing how people will try to cut someone down rather than build their own selves up.

Shy said...

While I dont find anything redeeming in the work you do, I do admire how you run your life and "the business of being an artist".

Being as independent as you are is something I aspire to.

Thanks for showing us it is possible

lisa b. said...

You rock. Poor fool, he likely didn't realize his own dire circumstances until someone as strong and articulate as yourself made it apparent to him. Kudos!

Mona said...

Indeed there is a wanker around town, but it ain't you Hazel.
Good on you. The system is so outdated and I just hope that lots of the younger generation steer well clear of them.

Gretchen Kelly said...

Go Girl GO!
Love your balls but really it's your brains!

Mike Wood said...

He is the wanker. Or to borrow from what Wil Wheaton is often heard saying about different things: Don't be a dick, Mr Art Dealer.

Lisa Klow said...

That's hilarious! I hope you really enjoyed your morning coffee after that.

Aminah K. said...

He sounds like a real dick head!

Anonymous said...

Omigd u have a gallery guy just like my ex. Best thing i ever did in my life was leave that a$$hole. SOOO INSECURE.. Paranoid... abusive... And anybody who does that kind of attempted emotional undermining - well they should be shot.