Monday, October 05, 2009

Recession, Yes And No

I want a new generation of collectors to have more access to my work.
My enamel paintings have done very well at auction in London, Sydney and Melbourne over the past two years, with even very early works achieving prices that are 1,000 per cent over their original purchase prices. Unfortunately, they are now out of reach of many (especially those my age and younger) who might be interested in owning my work.
To remedy this, I recently offered a dozen very small works on paper – Recession Originals – for just 72 hours, only to readers of my blog and my 2,500 followers on the online social network, Twitter. All were priced at just $US275. They sold out within 24 hours. A further six works were added; these sold out within 12 hours.
This response encouraged me to produce my first, large-scale serial work, the Yes/No Stencils. They comprise two complementary images: NO! and YES?.
Each of the images is 40cm x 60cm (or 15.7” x 23.6”), hand-stencilled in high gloss enamel on 64cm x 86cm (or 25.2" x 33.9") 100% cotton, museum-quality, white Alpharag 4ply archival board.
There are five editions of 25 signed and numbered (on front) prints of each image, in five different colours: faux-fluorescent lime, Dooney pink, industrial safety orange, papal purple and pitch black.
There is also a sixth, 'artist's proof' edition of just 10 prints of each image, signed and numbered, in virginal white gloss enamel on matt white board.
It's intended that different versions of the same – or opposite – messages can be hung together.
The coloured NO! and YES? prints are priced at $US500 each unframed (Euros 350.00 for European orders or $A640.00 for Australian/New Zealand orders), including GST (for Australian orders only) and delivery.
The white NO! and YES? prints are priced at $US750 each unframed (Euros 515.00 or $A940.00), including GST (for Australian orders only) and delivery.
One set of six
NO! or YES? prints – five colours plus white – is priced at $US3,200.00 unframed (Euros 2,200.00 and $A4,375.00), including GST (for Australian orders only) and delivery.
Both sets of six, 12 prints in all – in five colours plus white – are priced at $US6,400.00 unframed (Euros 4,400 and $A8,750.00), including GST (for Australian orders only) and delivery.
To order or request further information, please contact Priya at Payment can be accepted via PayPal – yes, I've finally caved in to persistent requests – Western Union or national or international bank transfer.

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Janey said...

How would you feel about people using your stencils as street art? Have you ever seen it done with your work before?