Friday, October 23, 2009

Running Out

Three weeks ago, I offered readers of this blog an opportunity to purchase my first, large-scale serial work, the Yes/No Stencils.
Two images, each 40cm x 60cm (or 15.7” x 23.6”), hand-stencilled in high gloss enamel on 64cm x 86cm (or 25.2" x 33.9") 100% cotton, museum-quality, white Alpharag 4ply archival board, are available in five editions of 25 signed and numbered (on front) prints of each image, in five different colours: faux-fluorescent lime, Dooney pink, industrial safety orange, papal purple and pitch black.
There is also a sixth, 'artist's proof' edition of just 10 prints of each image, signed and numbered, in virginal white gloss enamel on matt white board.
The response has been extraordinary. Within just a few days of the editions being announced on October 5th, nearly half the stencils (in all colours) were sold. This was gratifying because the stencils were an attempt to put my work within the reach of those who wanted to own my work but could not afford the five-figure prices for my large enamel on timber board paintings.
However, good things have to come to an end. Especially with the U.S. dollar plummeting in value against the Australian dollar.
On November 5th, the few remaining stencils will be increased in price to align with the valuations for similar works of mine now in the market. The coloured editions will rise to $US1,000 (from $US500) while the more limited white-on-white editions will rise to $1500 (from $US750). From that date, there will be no discounts for purchases of the full set (six stencils, in all colours) of either – or both – the YES? or NO! images.
For further information, or to order one of the remaining stencils, please
contact my studio. Those who have already ordered one or more prints can expect delivery after 5th November, when the painstaking process of printing, drying/hardening, and packaging will be completed and all works consigned.

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