Thursday, November 12, 2009

If Art Is War, I'm An Army

Just when I was desperate for it, tonight, I found inspiration in an old song by Björk. Written by the Icelandic singer with Graham Massey, in 1995, Army of Me was the first single released from her second CD, Post. It was also included on the soundtrack of the ill-fated movie, Tank Girl.
stand up

you've got to manage
i won't sympathize
and if you complain once more

you'll meet an army of me
you're alright

there's nothing wrong
self-sufficience please!
and get to work
and if you complain once more

you'll meet an army of me
you're on your own now

we won't save you
your rescue-squad
is too exhausted
and if you complain once more

you'll meet an army of me


Rachel said...

You are such a beautiful person Hazel Dooney. Keep working. Keep making your art.

Bjork is awesome!

michael said...

I remember when that album came the time, unlike Debut, it felt like she had finally found her way from the Sugarcubes days to be more fully herself/hersound...

I think I know what I'll be listening to today...

Rob Reeves said...

Love That Song. I've got a version of her singing it live with Skunk Anansie as the backing band. Vicious and brilliant.

Indigene said...

Oh, this is so my mantra! Now to put a fire under some others! lol!

jennie Rosenbaum said...

that is actually one of my favorite songs! - mind you I really enjoyed Tank Girl (comics, movie and sountrack - I really am that lame) as well.

Aaron B. Brown said...

Always liked this song, though I never paid much attention to the lyrics, words to live by over this way.

Björk - Army Of Me - (H.Q) Live On (T.O.T.P) Feat Skunk Anansie (1995)

Tank Girl has been on cable (Cinemax) a lot lately, I always click on it when I see it in the scroll and watch a little. I always liked Lori Petty and am attracted to the attitude of her Tank Girl character in that movie.

Anonymous said...

After your last post that song did come to mind, I dig the watercolour picturing an army of you.

Anonymous said...

Hazel ... I love the way you express your selv!

Björk is awesome!
Love her to ... but you move me!

Venus in hell is my favorite!

They painting move me like nothing else!

Love BrainOnFire from Denmark

Patti Trostle Fine Art said...

Thanks Hazel. I love that!