Friday, November 27, 2009

Homage To Lindsay Anderson

I wasn't born when Lindsay Anderson's disturbing and still influential film, If..., was released in 1968 and launched a very young Malcolm McDowell to stardom. I didn't get to see it for the first time until I was 30 – which was probably a good thing because had I been any younger, its simmering rage and final, nihilistic violence might have gained an even tighter grip on my imagination.
If... was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about creating a third in a series of limited edition stencils based on my earliest enamel paintings. The first two were The Yes/No Stencils, conceived at the end of September, this year.
The If... Stencils (Homage To Lindsay Anderson)
are three editions of just 10 signed and numbered (on front) stencils – in funerary black, bone ash grey and virginal white. Each image is 40cm x 65.5cm (or 15.7” x 25.8”), hand-stencilled in high gloss enamel on 76cm x 100cm (or 29.9" x 39.4") 100% cotton, museum-quality, white Alpharag 4ply archival board.
Until 15th December, each is priced at $A750.00 – or $A2,000 for a set of the three colours – including post and packaging. After 15th December, the price will rise to $A1,000 each, with no discount for a set of three.
To order or request further information, please email Payment can be accepted via PayPal, Western Union, and national/international bank transfer.


Anonymous said...

I love your IF, YES/NO stencils !!

They are wonderful. Hopefully I will be in a position to buy one from you next year.

I had teeth crowned yesterday and I would rather have some of your artworks but my dentist was too persuasive. Maintaining myself is soo expensive.

My dentist is a collector and I will tell him about you next visit.


Anonymous said...

I've seen IF a few times, last time was last year at ACMI Cinema in Melbourne, anarchy surrealism in its most extreme form.


Wallflower said...

beautiful work.

Jim said...

Interesting how you have changed your art style. Much different than your earlier vector-type art.

Mona said...

Still one of my fave films of all time, thought that THE still went well w/ this Ballard quote: