Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Space For Myself

The changes I've made to the way my studio works has given me more time for myself.
I could go on and on about all the productive or self-improving disciplines I've adopted, like daily exercise, but I'm also loosening up a little and enjoying stuff that's just plain, unproductive fun.
At the end of a long day, I send my assistants home then strip-off my paint-stained clothes to wander round the studio naked, checking works-in-progress. I sit and warm my body in the last of the sun. I surrender to cable TV: big-budget action, Asian gore, 'art house films, erudite English series on travel, architecture, and history, and sporadic doses of high-end fashion. I read books. I take long baths. I sprawl across my wide bed and get myself off.
Sometimes a girl just needs the right space and some solitude to really indulge herself.


Shannon said...

That sounds lovely.

sue beyer said...

Geez i can't wait till i can afford my own place!!!!

Sarah Marie Lacy said...

Rock on. :)

This is awesome. Your writing even *sounds* more relaxed.

A little self indulgence is a wonderful thing. (I need to write that down somewhere.)

Fogbound said...

Sounds like the changes you are making are good for you. You are enjoying yourself. That's a positive thing and will show in your art.

Indigene said...

Now that's living! Hold on to that, when the BS comes in, so that you can head them off at the door!