Sunday, November 01, 2009


One of the most widely distributed articles about me online, last year, was a critical perspective of my marketing efforts titled Art Vs. Marketing: Making Hazel Dooney Cringe by Barney Davey. For several months, I kept tripping over excerpts of it on nearly every art-related blog I visited. It prompted me to write a brief response here.
Against all odds, Barney and I have remained cordial. Now he has published a long profile of me, Hazel Dooney: A Courageous Uncompromising And Successful Visual Artist on his widely read blog, Art Print Issues. In it, he attempts to distill the lessons to be learnt from my career but warns those who might be tempted to follow them, "While the international success she has achieved undoubtedly is the envy of lots of other artists, it is unlikely many are willing to follow her example. Study her blog and career and you will find her art, life and career inextricably entwined in a most deeply personal consumptive manner. For many, if not most, the price she pays to be the artist she wants to be is too dear."
I suspect regular readers of this blog will have already made up their own minds about that.


Miranda said...

I absolutely admire your approach to your art and the way your life and work are intertwined. You have obviously fought tooth and nail to get where you are and every ounce of success you've experienced has been earned through your own efforts. I think that a lot of artists can learn from the way you have constructed your career!

Afua Richardson said...

Art is life if you're an artist and has every right to be intertwined. Its funny how people make it out to be this product. Even tho its something you produce its a valid and potent as an arm or hand. An Extension of you. YOU simply. My hats to you madam.