Friday, December 04, 2009

Sister Army

Now and then, other female artists send me gifts of their own work.
Yesterday, I opened a carefully wrapped set of four dry-point etchings from Emma Kirsopp. Delicate, subtle images of angiograms, an artificial heart, a coronary stent, the finely scratched lines conveyed a tight, frenetic energy. I loved them.
I also received a package of photographs from Rachel Marsden a while ago: female figures frozen in motion and layered with fire, they looked as if they were rising from the flames – or being burned like ecstatic witches. They're now being framed.
Rona Green
sent cool, quirky badges. On each is the face of an animal character adorned with old-school sailor and jail tattoos. She included a card made from part of one of her screen prints. I wrapped them in tissue, individually, and placed them in a box of precious things.
Each gift came with a personal note. I was deeply touched. I haven't had many female friends. I've never beeen described as a 'woman's woman' either (except, sometimes, in bed). And yet these women artists have given me a sense of support and solidarity I haven't felt before.
Like me, they are working steadily, alone, at the margins of the mainstream art world. But because I've shared my struggles openly online – and have been so successful – they've been inspired to reach out.
Maybe they're sowing the seeds for a quiet revolution. Art is war. It is also, just as importantly, love and care.
(Thank you.)


Emma Kirsopp said...

That's because you work so hard and we all appreciate what you are doing. Its important for us all to say thank you once in a while (taking the liberty of speaking for everyone, here)

Christy said...

Emma has the truth of it. We are inspired, encouraged and motivated by your honesty and warfare. I actually hunted down and enjoyed watching the movie Serenity due to the discussion here. Loved the movie and the heroine. Thanks for all that you are and for putting it out there bravely.

Anonymous said...

I love Rona Green's gorgeously coloured cat prints in particular! I will have to buy one/two in the future when I am more financial. Is Rona working in the margins? I thought she was highly regarded and well established, at least from my perspective. Rona Green and Heather Shimmen are two of my favourite printmakers.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you realise how much you do inspire other women artists. With this blog and your extensive writings you have given myself, and I'm sure so many others like myself, options and ideas about how to promote ourselves and work outside of the traditional system.

Keep going!