Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wordless, Day One

Biology Makes Me Understand, 2010
Study in watercolours and lead pencil on cold-pressed paper, 20cm x 21cm


Aaron B. Brown said...

What's writen at the bottem?

Anonymous said...

"Biology makes us understand. But I want something different. Maybe half of your hungry ghost will let me go, and the other half will learn to accept."

I think they are the correct words. The image can be enlarged.


Julie said...

This ia a gorgeous watercolor and my favorite work of yours to date. Thanks for posting it.

bruna said...

Dear Hazel,
i received today your Studio Notes and had to check your blog then. I am glad you are feeling better now. You are brave and inspiring... people who do not fear their fears always have great stories.
If i could help, i would like to know how much would you want for this "Biology helps me understand"? It is impressive, deep, marvellous... (I cannot promise i will be able to buy though - if it is yet available)
Hugs and good luck / Enjoy your new beginning