Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready For It?

I am coming to the end of my seventh week in the clinic. Like a prisoner, I've been marking the passage of the days by in my diary but I've lost track of what's been happening in the outside world.
On Thursday, this week,
Menzies Art Brands will offer yet another of my early enamel on canvas paintings, Every-Ready (Fresh Out Of Bed) as part of an auction titled Important Fine Art at its Sydney saleroom, 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington. The auction, which will also feature works by some of Australia's greatest painters, including Sidney Nolan, Brett Whitely, Jeffrey Smart and Arthur Streeton, will start at 6.30 pm.
I painted the relatively small (105cms x 143cms)
Every-Ready in 1998, just as I was beginning to figure out what I was trying to do – and, more importantly, say – as an artist. Unlike most of my work from this period, I still have a sneaking regard for it, maybe because it has elements of ideas that emerge again, more fully developed, half a decade later.
Curiously, it was the first of my paintings to snatch a glimpse (so to speak) of a persistent personal fetish that would eventually insinuate itself as a repetitive, humorous element into later work: pink panties.


Mike Wood said...

I hope it sells and your recovery continues. Perhaps recovery isn't best word? I don't think you want to recover to where you were, but to move beyond that. Either way, I'm glad to see you posting and twittering again. :)

erinrichardson said...

Hey - *pink panties* made me smile - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself

Anonymous said...

You make the "unappealing" appealing. It is a very psychological thing. I don't feel disgusted (uncomfortable?) about the (controversial) subjects you deal with with such depth of understanding beyond the surface of interpretations.
And that challenge at a deeper intellectual level that my mind goes through every time I read an entry on your blog is a high. High, yes.

Good to see you kicking and blogging. :D
Ignore the bastards (with ref. to the ones who do things that are 'safe and conventional').

ArneA said...

Speedy recovery. With or without pink panties.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you put too much of yourself out here? Constant public self-analysis is a lot to take on and any filtering process is going to force an altered perspective. Maybe it's time to introduce some barriers for a while. I hope that's not patronising. I understand your illness is more complicated than that, I just know how your level of openness would affect me.

Zoe Tan said...

I just love how upfront and honest you are. Really respect that.
I am learning to overcome criticisms and fear to be this open about myself.

You're a real role model Hazel.

Solemn Reverie said...

Glad you are back writing on your blog...