Saturday, May 29, 2010


After three days away from my studio, I'm feeling in some disarray. There is a heap of emotional stuff swirling around me that I can't ignore but in the midst of it, I'm beset by an intense desire to immerse myself in work. I haven't felt like this for a while.
I miss my new studio. It's an unimpressive, makeshift space – its rent reflects this – but my needs are minimal. There's a clapped-out sofa covered with a sheet to sprawl across in uninspired lulls and lots of high wall-space onto which I can stick works-in-progress, as well as study sketches, reference photographs and notes to myself. There's plenty of floor space for the largest frames, supported by industrial spec' alloy trestles, and the dark, springy timber floor is unexpectedly comfortable to sit on for long stretches.
I've just paid my second month's rent on the space. In four weeks I've produced nearly a dozen pieces there in various media, the best rate of productivity I've enjoyed for two or three years. It seems I work best alone, without assistants, in a room with no view other than my own work – something to remember as the money begins to flow again.


Mike Wood said...

awesome on the productivity! :) and it will be there when you return. Minimal works for Buddhists and for artists as well. :)

abby said...

so glad things are working out. Your posts are inspiring

GP said...

Think you might like this video. 16 mins of time well spent.

Neo said...

You know I had a conversation with you in my dream.
Once during what seemed like an hour, you even smiled, and I thought: wow, she smiles.
We talked about oranges as I was on my way to my aunt's and I went to a grocery store during my drive. As I came out, I saw you seated on a rusted traditional seat looking beyond oblivion. I was so shocked to see you because even in the dream I knew about your blog so I start a convo with you and we talk about oranges, as I said before.

It was fun. Details are gone but the visual memory is still vivid. The dream was in colour not black and white.

lola said...

"Back in the world April 22nd"

That's my birthday!

My married girlfriend, not to me, sigh, sent me this link. I suspect our "accidental" meeting after 18 years, (I don't beleive in accidents, but neither of us had any expectation of seeing the other again, particularly as we have been living in different countries and out of contact the whole time we have been apart).

It is likley so the universe can remind her that once she resumes painting she will no longer find it feels like she is in a "coffin", don't get me wrong this coffin of hers is absofuckinglutely luxe and she feels warm and safe, deep underground, surrounded by her lovely and familiar things, breathing through a long straw, with thousands of pounds of soil between her and the open air.

Yet something about your art has her reaching out to me, I am waiting for her to respond to the questions, that have come up for me after vewing your provocative, playful, and very tasty, sexy works.

My hope is that her sending me here is because her metaphorical "coffin" is getting unbearable, and there is some evidence as I get closer to her with my shovel, (where she is ceasing to swear at me for tresspassing and digging without permission)! that we both discover that this warm, dark, "coffin" is actually a womb, clearly a "womb with no view", and yes it will be muddy, and lots of other adjectives I do not feel the need to write, but maybe, down there, deep, is where she has been waiting to be reborn.

I love you Mich

Roy said...

Solitude and Time make for gains in productivity. I sure as hell need some disciplined time to convert my solitude into real productivity. (A blog post of yours - your 250th post - catalysed a small break through, thanks muchly!) I guess I wasn't alone. :) Thank you. Here's my hurrah to you: