Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Art Fart

"Never trust a fart." Or so the Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, once advised anyone who was getting close to fifty. "You can never be quite certain what might come out."
I feel the same way about being interviewed. No matter how prepared I am for a particular line of questioning, I'm never entirely in control of what comes out of my mouth. I can be waspish and critical. I'm quick to dismiss questions I think (sometimes unfairly) are stupid. But I'm less concerned with pissing people off than I am by the occasional, completely random stream-of-consciousness that, when I come across it later in a transcript, I ask myself, "What the fuck was that about?"
One of the weirdest was when I was being interviewed for a profile in Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper's QWeekend magazine. One minute I was responding to a question about my unconventional rural upbringing, the next I was instructing the bemused journalist on how best to face down an unruly goat.
Yesterday, the American artist, John T. Unger, interviewed me for nearly two hours by phone for his online
Art Heroes Radio. An edited version will be uploaded tomorrow at 9pm, North American EST, and made available as either downloadable or streaming audio via iTunes. Apart from beginning our conversation with an admonition, "All art should be 'not safe for work!", I tried to keep it well-considered and instructive – of a piece with the other smart, alternative perspectives on art making and marketing that John has curated in his series.
Which is to say, I steered clear of any barnyard references. And fart jokes.


Nick Ward said...

No fart jokes? No barnyard musings? Would it be rude to mention I am slightly disappointed? Look forward to listening anyways... I guess.

evilchimpo said...

This was good. It made a lot of sense and I laughed hard enough to drop my Posca marker when you did the Jenna Jameson porno fingernails reference.

J.J. said...

I'm sure you hear trite shit all the time but I find you inspiring ... thank you. I am woman ... artist. Trying not to lose my soul as I run someone else's gallery (yes oh I the hated curator/agent) and still come to grips with making my own art in a small place that tends to like looking at itself. I get to hang and pay 25% comm. so ... perks but I hate telling artists no, I feel like what the fuck do I know anyway, and in a small place like this there isn't that great of art anyway so I'm continually waiting for a fucking genius to walk through the door, drop a dead body on the floor and say, "hey what kind of commission would you charge for this?"
I may implode. Love your new sneaks.