Friday, July 30, 2010

Emptying Out The Past

Following yesterday's post, I've had several enquiries about the works available for sale from studio.
Most of the watercolors, drawings and photographs have been sold. Some small watercolour illustrations for this blog are still available, as are a dozen or so acrylic studies on heavyweight, cold-pressed paper. Each of the studies has an average image size of 40cms x 60cms – only the Big Pin-Ups vary, with a maximum length/width of 47cms – on a generous expanse of paper and is signed and dated on the front.
The remaining studies are:
Big Pin-Ups
: Miss January, Miss March, Miss April and Miss July.
Precious Blood
: No.1 and No.2.
Sports Career Babes
: The Climber, The Cricketer and The Judge.
Dangerous Career Babes:
The Stylist, The Demolitionist and The Wrestler.
All the above are priced at $A2,500 each, including delivery. Payment is accepted via bank transfer or Paypal.
Finally, studies of two of my earliest enamel works are being offered for sale by a local collector through the studio: The Red Shoes from my 1999 series, Accoutrements Of Desire, and my first enamel painting in the style for which I became known, The Moment Before Having, from 1996. These are priced at $A3,500 each, including delivery.
For further information – or to place an order – please contact my studio by email.
Pictured above: Study for
Dangerous Career Babes: The Gambler, destined for a Western Australian collector.

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