Monday, July 12, 2010

I, By Another

The strange thing about being in Brisbane is that I have no sense of my self beyond the rather isolating, constrained, temporary life I have here. I live at my family's house in a nondescript suburb. I walk to the gym at the end of the street. I drive to the hospital to visit my father. In between, I paint.
The city is as oppressively dull as it was ten years ago. The people I knew then have changed so little it's like stepping onto the set of The Truman Show. I keep expecting to spot cameras linking to an outside broadcast facility.
It comes as something of a surprise to stumble across evidence I still exist – as a person, as an artist – outside this place.
Yesterday, a friend emailed to tell me that I'm the inspiration for a t-shirt offered for sale by Zian Silverwolf, a fantasy artist whose work is "a combination of the love of mythology, the ancient and the futuristic, the blend of east and west, the natural and the supernatural, the otherworldly and a fascination with cartoons."
As she writes (with great generosity) on her e-commerce site, the t-shirt is intended as "a design tribute... Her standard Art is War was the defining concept for this work, the bangles representing her well-known Yes/No series. Colour, the exacting line and the female form are all attributes of her work, translated here into the zeddess goddess – paintbrushes for fingernails, the eyes of the soul and the heart of the warrior. Not to mention capturing something of Hazel’s own strength and beauty.
She adds, "The work was inspired by Hazel’s own story of determination, courage and creative battle in the world of fine arts."
Aww, shucks.


Rachel said...

The way you describe Brisbane is the same way I feel about it. I'm really not looking forward to coming back there in a month (I have escaped to Berlin again).

Congratulations on inspiring this t-shirt! And thank you for always inspiring/ motivating me.



James Schmeling said...

I feel that way every time I go "home" - no one has changed. The people who have are no longer there. That's comforting sometimes in respect to family, but sad at the same time - didn't they have ambition to do something different too?

Solemn Reverie said...

I adore your art, your blog, your photographs, your idiosyncrasies.

for every person that hates your art, there is another person who loves it just as much....

alec said...

One day soon you will travel to the centre of this continent. Soon, The coast we cling to will no longer sustain you. You will travel overland accompanied by a young spirit. There is something at the heart of the land that awaits you that you nor anyone else can yet imagine. It will enrich your art. Inside a cave you will go deeper into colour. Listen to it with your eyes. you must carry with you copies of two of your favourite works of old masters. Treasure them. keep them close.

Alec said...

Once you have found the cave. Wrap yourself in those fabrics you have taken with you. Those you love being closest to your skin. Inside, it will be dark. Wait for the colour. Thought will not conjure it. Don't let fear cloud you. you will know when to unwrap yourself of the fabrics and see it. Unilke anything you can imagine right now. When you emerge leave the paintings of the old masters safely inside along with the fabrics.In the future, the colour will emerge under your skin, under the tips of your nails, you will watch it spread and dance under your skin. guard your skin against the fire and envy and resentment of others who will desire to take it from you or buy it or cut it painfully form you. You are strong enough to carry it and protect it. This is the future.

rino said...

I've got a theory: everyone comes back to Brisbane eventually.

I decamped in about 92, and came back in 07. Much has changed, much hasn't. There's still a few things that worry me - but on the whole I found things a lot better if not living in dry old blah blah suburbia. Any place with lots of green and quiet is good though.

Place is important (and people very much so) but home is where you make it. Or where you can work from. Wherever the typewriter lands.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never realised how bad Brisbane was until everyone pointed it out. I figure that for things and experiences that I want/need outside of Brisbane, I just go outside of Brisbane and then come back.

I understand that you guys must have your negative experiences and whatnot to shape the negative view, but I really like it here, and hope to have many more happy fulfilling years here. I just thought someone should speak up for it.


Sean Beard.