Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Date With Coloured Girls

I am often surprised by the works of mine that find their way to auction.
I am not always happy about them. Some have been poorly cared for and are accepted for sale looking scuffed, chipped or scraped (the worst are referred to me for an opinion on the likely cost of repair but I'm rarely amenable to doing it myself). Others reveal too starkly my early immaturity as a painter and while I'm curious to see them again, especially more than a decade later, I'm embarrassed when they're hung alongside much more accomplished works consigned to the auction house.
I don't think Coloured Girls (Homage to Modi), a 1998 enamel on canvas, 127cm x 208cm, is one of my best but I've grown fond of it if only because of its unusual subject matter. The work was originally commissioned by the owner of the fashionable Brisbane boutique, Bessie Head, where it hung for many years. I once made an offer to buy it back but the owner never responded.
Now it's to be auctioned by Lawson Menzies on Monday, 30th August, at Menzies Art Brands' Sydney gallery, 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington, NSW 2033.The pre-sale estimate for the work is $A8,000 to $A10,000 and it can be viewed in Sydney from Wednesday, 15th August, to Monday, 30th August.
In March, this year, a smaller painting of mine, an enamel on canvas of similar age, Every-Ready (Fresh Out Of Bed), 105cm x 147cm, sold for $A16,800 at Menzies Art Brands, exceeding its pre-sale estimate.

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