Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Last Slice Of Cheesecake

I have always painted sexy-looking women but when I was younger, I was indifferent to concerns that my work objectified them without irony or deeper meaning. I had a weakness for cheesecake poses (often using myself as a model), complete with prurient peeks at old-fashioned panties. I enjoyed painting the fluid, sensual lines that described a modern yet vampish female body.
Later, I thought a lot deeper about what I was doing. My work began delving into how increasingly insidious entertainment and advertising media had defined the self-image of women of my generation. The women of my imagination were still sexy but the works that contained them put increasingly uncomfortable questions to the viewer and suggested that the answers were laden with irresolvable contradictions.
Yesterday, I came across a study for Stacked Hottie (above), an enamel painting included in my 2001 solo exhibition in Perth, Western Australia, titled Too Much Never Enough. This was my last stab at a pure 'pin-up' and already there's a hint in it of something unsettled, something at odds with the languid pose.
The work is being offered for sale by a US collector. With an image size of 40cm x 60cm, in acrylic on oversized, heavy-weight, cold-pressed paper, the price is $A2,500, plus delivery. Payment can be accepted via PayPal or electronic transfer. For further information – or to order – please contact my studio.


Anonymous said...

I have just come across your work, a friend suggestion,I may say I found just what I ha seen, very little, a very sensual offering. I read your texte, quite bland in aspect, almost apologising for what you had felt about earlier creations. So I had to through it in the bin (methaphoricly as it would have been my laptop off the window.) Of course I respect your words and won't contracdict you, who am I to even think.
I simply think what I feel and silence is noise controversial, one within the other and again vice-versa.
forgive me if I sound silly. x for fun

José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

A delightful and artistic pastrymaking!

Anonymous said...

I bought my boss a baked cheesecake covered in cream and strawberries set in red jelly for his birthday recently (office petty cash reimbursed me!)It was smooth, a bit tangy and so enjoyably delicious just like this painting. mmmmm