Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

There has been a measure of catharsis in all my activities this week. I have been ridding my studio (and my psyche) of old works to make room for what is developing as an especially fertile period of new thinking and new work.
The forced disposal of so much of my past work as a result of my bankruptcy has been a blessing rather than a burden, compelling me not just to start again but to rethink what I want to accomplish in both my art and my life.
With new work in gestation, encouraged by unexpected opportunities to collaborate with artists and others outside Australia, and a new studio in Brisbane gearing up to produce existing commissions more efficiently, I'm ready to re-conceive everything I do, even online, so that it becomes a more coherent – and original – whole.
In the meantime, I still have a number of works of paper to clear from my stockroom, although the price on them all has risen since they were first offered a few months ago.
The most expensive are acrylic on paper studies for three of my earliest works: Coloured Girls, my first commission in 1998, The Red Shoes from my 1999 series, Accoutrements Of Desire, and The Moment Before Having, from 1996, my first attempt at the hard-edged, neo-Pop style for which I became well-known. These are all priced at $A3,500 each, including delivery.
There are also more economical, more recent acrylic on cold-pressed paper studies, each with an image size of approx. 60cm x 40cm.
From Big Pin-Ups: Miss January, Miss March, Miss April and Miss July.
From Sports Career Babes: The Climber, The Cricketer and The Judge.
From Dangerous Career Babes: The Stylist, The Demolitionist and The Wrestler.
All the above, except the Dangerous Career Babes, are priced at $A2,500 each, plus delivery. The Dangerous Career Babes are now priced at $A3,000, plus delivery.
Lastly, there are two small paintings from my Asylum Notebook, created just before I was committed to a psychiatric clinic in Sydney at the beginning of this year: The Spectre Of You Hangs, 21cm x 29cm, in watercolour, gouache and lead pencil on cold-pressed paper and Blood Does Not Lie, which is the same size and in the same media. Both are priced at $A975, plus delivery.


Femikneesm said...

Oh so tempting!

José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Your girls are so beautiful and nicely like you're.

JB said...

Hi Hazel,
I'm really enjoying viewing your work and have just begun reading your blog. I'm finding it fascinating. Thanks to Michael Short for that. Wouldn't have known about you- even though I have a friend associated with MARS. Keep up your fine work. Keep thinking and creating!