Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pieces Of Mind

On Monday, 13th September, I will be featured in The Zone, the relatively new, multi-media 'package' edited by Michael Short for the venerable Melbourne newspaper, The Age.
The Zone
is about what Short describes as "the free market of ideas". Each week, it profiles, in print and video, a leading figure in business, science, politics, social activism or the arts and invites the audience to explore further – or argue, or act upon – the ideas they propose. It also tries to get at "the genesis of the ideas".
I will be talking about my own decision to step outside the traditional, commercial and institutional gallery system – the first established artist to do so in this part of the world – and attempt to use new media not just to connect with collectors but also develop and better communicate the ideas within my work. It also confronts both the high cost of this decision and the inevitable contradictions that have emerged since I first committed to the idea, half a decade ago.
A video interview, along with a text transcript and photographs, will be posted at The Zone from midnight (Australian Eastern standard time) on Monday, 13th September. A related feature will also be published as 'hard copy' in The Age. At midday, the same day, I will be answering moderated questions online: details will be available at The Zone.
Incidentally, Michael Short is inviting everyone to submit questions well in advance. They can be emailed to him at


Femikneesm said...

What are the drawings in the pic on this post? They'd make fabulous tattoos.....

Katie Gavran said...

I watched 'The Zone' and expected to see an angry and somewhat assertive (perhaps even aggressive) artist....don't know why, but this was the impression that I had. However, what I witnessed was quite the contrary. I observed an artist who was calm, confident and clearly very much in control of her art and her life - softly spoken too. The interview was enlightening and inspiring- thank you Hazel.