Monday, September 06, 2010


Distracted by madness, insolvency and the illness of my father, I haven't dared to look forward for the past several months. I have done little new work and until a few weeks ago, I was uncertain whether I'd be able to increase my productivity enough to cope with a backlog of several undelivered pieces let alone have adequate resources to realise new ideas.
But now all this has turned around. I have managed to put together a financial package that will enable me to complete a number of large enamel paintings and I have assembled enough materials from my studio and storage facility in Sydney to be able to produce enamel stencils, acrylics and watercolours on archival quality stock. Thanks to a couple of supportive collectors, I have also been able to get hold of a handful of smaller works and merchandise to sell, the proceeds of which will go towards funding work for my exhibitions next year.
I spent yesterday drawing up an inventory of drawings, paintings, stencils and photographs now to hand. I mapped out a production schedule for outstanding work and started calling collectors. I interviewed assistants and made lists of enamel colours and brushes needed for the large paintings. I ordered more stencils for my Yes/No and If... series. I delivered a couple of works to their surprised buyers and carefully packed a couple more to consign today.
The list of stuff still to do (and calls to make) each day is dauntingly long but for the first time in a year, maybe more, the energy in my studio is palpable. The imaginative and physical tasks ahead are no longer a burden but the source of an infectious and very real buzz.


José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Go on, Hazel!
You're Great.

ArneA said...

You are interesting to follow on Twitter. Go on.

em said...

go you gunga din xx