Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bids From Attention

Since my video interview with Michael Short appeared online in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper’s, The Zone, last month, followed by a ‘hard copy’ profile of me in the same newspaper (and several others around Australia), an unusually large number of my works have turned up in the Australian secondary market.
Art Nomad
, an Australian online art gallery "specialising in notable works by selected prominent, collectable, contemporary Australian artists", is offering seven high gloss enamel on canvas paintings of various ages for sale, including one of my favorites, Big Pin-Up: Miss July, 200cms x 101cms. Miss July is the most recent in a series conceived in late 2009 and begun only this year.
Two more works, Cowpoke: Resized For Commercial Consumption, from 2008, in high gloss enamel on canvas, 61cms x 46cms, and Career Babe: The Scout Leader, from 2001, also in high gloss enamel but on custom-made board, 100cms x 151cms, are to be auctioned at Lawson–Menzies in Sydney on Tuesday, 16th November at 6.30pm. The works can be viewed at Menzies Art Brands' gallery at 12 Todman Avenue, Kensington, NSW, from Wednesday, 10th to Tuesday, 16th November, from 10am to 5pm. The pre-sale estimate for Cowpoke is $A6,000 to $A8,000; for The Scout Leader, $A12,000 to $A15,000.
Finally, Pearl: Soul Eternally Lost, Soul Eternally Saved, from 1998, in high gloss enamel on canvas, 105cm x 147.5cm, s going under the hammer, this time at Menzies Art Brands in Melbourne, on 15th December. First bought by a former boyfriend, the musician (and Regurgitator singer and bassist), Ben Ely, the pre-sale estimate is $A9,000 to $A12,000.

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