Sunday, October 24, 2010

In A Word

I received a gift from an American artist, David Buckingham, in this morning's mail.
Secured within a custom-made wooden box were six large, colourful letters – cut from scrap metal David had come across in the southern California desert – forming a word derived from one of my blog posts. Late last year, I'd written of a well-known Sydney art dealer who, soon after I refused his offer of sole representation, sent me a puerile, petulant SMS that read, simply, "You're such a wanker".
In the hand-written note that accompanied this imaginative gift, David mentioned that 'wanker' was his favourite Australian insult. Wanking is pretty much Australia's favourite past-time, too. Cleverly, David had co-opted the humour (and irony) of the word and turned it into art, a much-needed reminder that art doesn't have to be a humourless wank.
Thank you, David.


Anonymous said...

I love it !!! great colours too

vee gee

Anonymous said...

i love this!

Shannon said...

I would hang that over my writing desk at home. I love it.

José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Where are you, Hazel?