Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome (Back) To The Grindhouse

I returned to blogging a week ago when I realised that the freedoms in other social media were not quite as I perceived them. Not that I've had a lot of time for it. I've been dividing my time between two new studios, one in which I am working on a number of large enamel paintings, the other littered with new works in acrylic or watercolour on paper.
I am currently consigning a dozen works in various media a week to collectors. In addition, I am taking delivery of works from collectors who have asked me to inspect, clean or touch-up works ahead of them being sold. I've had to take a day out a week just to manage the logistics of inbound and outbound freight, a role far from any idea I had of what being a successful artist might be like.
At least I have a couple of intriguing new commissions. One involves a dozen or more watercolours to illustrate an album by a well-known indie singer/songwriter – to be delivered before the end of next month. Every couple of nights, usually after a 12-hour shift in the studio, I stay up late to exchange emails or phone calls with her (or, if she's performing, her assistant) about the notes or sketches I've sent.
It makes a discomforting change from my usual slow, solitary, self-centred way of working but it does press me to be even more productive.
Above: My Dooney-pink notebook with colour swatches, painting schedule, and product colour chart laid out on a counter at a local paint store.

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Carol Lee Beckx said...

And welcome back - you have been missed even though the time was short.
I'm glad I clicked on to the site out of habit - and there you are...