Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Life Last Week

Setting up adjustable trestles on which to prepare Cowpoke, one of my Cowboy Babes, for shipping to collectors in Adelaide.
While the rest of my studio is litter-free and scrupulously clean, the area around my desk, where I draw, is... not.
I wear conservators' gloves and lean on a clean white cloth as I apply a precise, black enamel outline to Miss May, the latest Big Pin-Up, for a Melbourne art dealer.
In a small space suffused with toxic enamel and other chemical fumes, a filtered face-mask is the minimum protection required as I finish a work bound for collectors in Hong Kong.
On the floor of my studio: heavy canvas drop-sheet, pencil sharpener, mallet for closing paint tins, brushes in various shapes and sizes, pantyhose for straining paint, scissors, and paint stirrers.
Adding words, excerpts from a good friend's poetry, to a small sketch in watercolour I am giving to a couple of loyal (and patient) collectors in Hong Kong.
Titling and signing 300 un-numbered but limited edition photographic prints to be sent to friends, fans, collectors, art dealers and press as my New Year's card.
Applying the first layer of wrapping to protect a small enamel on canvas being consigned to Hong Kong with a specialist art shipper.
Working late, I steal a moment for myself in the corner of the studio.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, that glossy finish on Miss May looks amazing!
That's a really good photo, Hazel.


José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

I love your Cawboy Babes, but I think that you're prettiest than they're.
Are they your daughters or your sisters?
I'm thinking now in a short story about your Cawboy Babes.
Can you read in spanish? Google's is not a good translator.
(Please, send a kiss from me to Amanda Palmer).

hugh said...

Aye, the finish is lovely...I regularly despair of artists working in dusty environments... When I photograph their work it is sometimes spoilt by the dust on the slick parts of the canvas.

Well done Hazel on achieving that finish


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Thank you for the little look into your studio process.
The finish you achieve is truly remarkable! You are doing an amazing amount of work in a very short time.
I just hope you are getting enough rest!

Corey Rankin said...

what exactly are you doing in the corner of your studio?

Erin Richardson said...

Corey Rankin I cannot believe you need to ask that question LMAO