Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is the 800th post. To celebrate it, I've decided resuscitate one of Self Vs. Self's earliest innovations: the free, downloadable, 'unlimited edition' print.
I've always credited the late
Robert Graham, the Mexican-American sculptor and husband of actress Anjelica Huston, with this idea. He came up with it in the late '90s when he offered a few simple, black and white, nude study drawings as free downloads from an early iteration of his web site. I refined the idea, six years later, by creating works specifically as online 'unlimited editions', distributed under a limited Creative Commons license. I also offered to sign prints sent to my studio (provided they were accompanied by a self-addressed envelope).
To celebrate this latest milestone in my blog's ongoing four-and-a-half year adventure, I'm offering three downloadable 'unlimited edition' images (pictured above). Think of them as either a choice or a triptych. They are from a recent series of diaristic pen-and-ink drawings that describe, in pared-down but explicit line-work, intense sexual encounters wthin which 'normal' genderal roles are obscured or transgressed and a hunger for more sensation veers towards violence. I can't help but see the drawings as fragments of a horror story: sex as it might be for predatory, devouring zombies – sex as it has been for me.
I've called the series, which includes more than 20 drawings, The Flesh Eaters.
Each of the images can be downloaded separately, in high resolution, here. They can be printed, reproduced or re-distributed for non-commercial purposes in any medium, providing the limitations of my
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license are respected.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

Thank you.

ArneA said...

Congratulation with 800.
Still following you with admiration. Good to have you on Twitter too.
Keep on in the same direction. You are great.

José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Today you're prettiest than yesterday, prettiest than 800 days before. And your girls too!

Lea said...

hej Hazel,
I am alway facinated by drawings, for me it is the closest to the artist feelings, its desires, its impressions of that desire, a certaine purety while the painting convey still the idea, the painting are perverted (in a positiv way) by esthetic. In the sexual drawing that purety, in a way, convey an added aspect, the artist frustration, the frustration of not reaching his goal.So often those drawings are showing a wish more their reality (like in Picasso, I feel that so strongly the way he draws the sexes, the exagerations),the desire for the "Orgasm",the door to infinity, I am not saying you have never reach the orgasm, what I trying to say is that it transmit a wish never reached, like what you write about them,as you convey to me. You are hungry still. But I guess you might think I am too critical or intimate. You will say I see myself in them, I mean my own desire,frustrations, you are problably right, while having reach high, having flotted in the 7 seas, or heaven , yes I am still feeling the need for the "more", to get to the ultimum spasm,death may be, I am still hungry travelling from men to women and back again to go again, I do like the penis,hard on,erotic but the woman has taking me almost there while she does on one finger and the words on her lips, the tight string I walk.
Sorry I deviated. I do found those drawing very close to your paintings, very beautiful.
bye, Lea