Saturday, January 01, 2011

Case Studied

A previous entry from this blog – about the development of my direct relationship with auction houses – has been reproduced as a case study in Strategy: Theory And Practice, by Clegg, Carter, Kornberger and Schweitzer, published by SAGE. It's included in a section on International And Collaborative Strategy.
According to the press blurb, the book, "written by a team of leading academics", is "an invaluable guide to the core elements of strategy courses, that will challenge conventional thinking about the field... It provides a coherent and engaging overview of the established 'classics' of strategy, while taking an innovative approach to contemporary issues such as power and politics, ethics, branding, globalisation, collaboration, and the global financial crisis."
Whatever. I just wish the publisher had paid a little more attention to the way the image, above –
Sex, Drugs Whatever, 2001, in high gloss enamel on custom-made board, 100cm x 150cm – was reproduced.

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Lea said...

Hej! Hazel, I do not know about trade books, as it is not my favorite subject- auction houses. But If I may say I do love the Painting, really great, and sarcasticly a tease (thinking of the theme), with lovely sensuality in the colours and idea-shapes.
Love it. Lea