Monday, January 24, 2011

A Moment, Too Soon Passed

It is now more than five years since I packed up my belongings into a rented station wagon and left my father's home in Melbourne to drive more than 500 miles north to a fashionable beachside suburb on the Barrenjoey Peninisula, not far from Sydney. There, I rented a ramshackle weatherboard cottage with a view of the wide Pacific Ocean – it belonged to the actors Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward – and set up my first real studio in its leaky garage.
I've had half a dozen other studios since but I will always have the fondest memories of that tiny secluded cottage. When I wasn't painting, I immersed myself in books I'd been planning to read for years.
I photographed myself in the overgrown garden with a clunky 35mm panoramic camera given to me by Lomo. I swam naked in the palm-shaded, heated pool. And I learned to fuck, allowing myself to be open to everything two bodies could do – and came harder than I ever had before.
Maybe for the first time in my life, I felt utterly free.


Lea said...

I loved the end, nearly the end
"...and came harder than I ever had before"
It has a zest of tenderness.
I find "fucks" rather sweet gentile delight specially after a good creme caramel or a chocolat eclair while after a leg of lamb with garlic quite a exhilarating trip,hard on.
Sound like you had a good free times.

fogbound said...

It's good to have memories like that for you to look back on and remember how good it was. Sounds like an ideal setting to be creative and exploring. Thanks for sharing.

Marni said...

Sounds like a dream I just woke up from, and disapoointed, found myself in my actual life. Good for you.

Marni said...

Sounds like a dream I had once and only hazily remember as dealt with the the estuary of dreamland and my actual fucked up life. Thanks for making me keenly aware of what i wish i had ;)