Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obvious Outsider

A recent interview with me can be found in the current issue of the U.S. magazine, Obvious. I'm also featured on the magazine's cover, a first for me. I'm never entirely comfortable with how I come across in print but I enjoyed the Q'n'A conducted by LA-based writer, Nancy Southwick:
"When I first sat down with Australian painter Hazel Dooney, I was intrigued by her sublime understated confidence that is both extremely attractive and strong. It is this quality of her character that she is able to get across in her work. Hazel personifies an alluring, punk rock, mischievous, genius artist. Since coming onto the art scene less than ten years ago she has emerged as one of the most controversial female artists of our generation. She is the outsider that everyone wants to be connected with. Some describe her art as Shock Pop.
"Her provocative work has captured the attention of many of the trendsetters of our time. The subject matter is intensely sexual yet it evokes a kind of girlie openness that is refreshing. Nothing about her work or her nature is compromised. The work is pivotal and it strikes a chord within the viewer and makes them succumb to an inner dialogue with themselves."
You can read the the rest of the piece


José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Sure you are "both extremely attractive and strong".

Jerris Madison said...

Hazel your energy is contagious and glad we found you. As publisher of Obvious Magazine your story compelled me to continue doing me without any rules and living a full life!

God bless you!