Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Season's Grating

Despite taking a couple of weeks off from social media, I didn't have much time to myself over the 'holiday'. In between precious hours spent by my father's bedside at a hospice in Brisbane, I tried to make up time lost – to rain, humidity and having to abandon my large, semi-rural studio – on three large enamel works.
I also had to prepare for a number of new works. I flew to Sydney for half a day to photograph a couple for a portrait commission, just before they boarded a plane to return to high-powered jobs in Austria. Thrusting the phallic, 14-45mm zoom lens of my new Panasonic Lumix GF-1 into their faces as they kissed, I sounded like Bill Murray's hapless translator in Lost In Translation as I urged, "More... intensity" and ran rough-shod over their natural disinclination to let me intrude on their intimacy. Afterwards, I braved the cheap lube' stench of a couple of sex shops in Kings Cross, looking for unusual props for a video project, before retreating from the rain to my beach-side hotel.
My relentless schedule, lack of sleep, poor diet and a measure of depression exerted its toll when I returned to Brisbane. I spent New Year's Eve in bed, alone, ordered there by my doctor, who also prescribed a course of antibiotics. No fireworks and champagne for me at midnight – not even a desultory fuck. I was fast asleep.


VildesVerden said...

Hope you Are feeling better happy new year from Norway!

Mike Wood said...

Hope yer on the mend. Sorry the doctors couldn't prescribe a good f*ck with 'More... Intensity!'. That would be a good GP.

Anonymous said...

My new year's eve was quiet too, alone sipping unspectacular vintage port at midnight watching the sydney fireworks on the tube..

happy new fear ..


Lea said...

It look like a very austere hotel room, you in the "nude" reminded my stay in a monastry where I spend a few weeks retracting, meditating, thoughtful. I guess you would not see the connection but from far, when I did reached death, from an incident. That image did trigger a flesh back memory of that event.
"I am now far removed, I watch the words fade away from the skin of my walls" Lyllie the Bunny,2005.
I would love to see the final painting of that couple, of course it might have a zest of voyeurism from me as a spectator, but I have been enough promescuous not to be just turn on by the kiss on the canvas.
best regards, Lea

Mama Flamingo said...

I love your honesty. Christmas was utter crap for me but I managed to salvage new years with an inpromtu girlie dance sesh with two good friends. Unxepected but much needed.

rino said...

That GF-1 is quite a nice camera. Apparently it was made/designed for the female japanese market...