Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreaming Later

The opening date of Dreaming Hazel Dooney, a group exhibition of works inspired by my persona as it's perceived in my art and online, has changed – from the 6th May to 10th September, this year.
Organised by Latrobe Contemporary Gallery, in Victoria (Australia), the event has attracted a large number of local and international artists. However, the logistics of coordinating the delivery of so many works, in media ranging from works on paper and photographs to large paintings and video installations, have proved more challenging than expected, as have regular communications with artists – and media outlets – in different parts of the world.
I have agreed to lend my own studio team to assist the gallery. The additional manpower and time will ensure that the event is rewarding – in every sense of the word – for all the participating artists.
Dreaming Hazel Dooney
will still run for two weeks, but from the 10th to the 24th September (with an opening night party planned for Saturday, the 10th), at Latrobe Contemporary Gallery, 209 Commercial Road, Morwell, Victoria 3840.


Shannon said...

If that show ever travels and makes it to my side of the globe I will be there.

José Luis Moreno-Ruiz said...

Are you really left-handed?
I kiss your hand, Milady.