Sunday, May 08, 2011

Get It While It's Hot

As prices for my work have risen sharply over the past decade, I have tried to ensure that a small portion of my output was affordable to as many people as possible.
Every year, for the past five years, I have offered free, downloadable, unlimited edition prints based on pastel, watercolour, or ink drawings, which can be printed out at home and which I've been happy to sign if they're sent to my studio. I have also sold smaller, one-off watercolors and drawings at prices between $A250 and $1,000.
More recently, I have released three photographic prints, including a 'miniature' version of one of my Lake Eyre studies – a signed and numbered edition of 500 was offered free to readers of this blog – and Banned, an image
of another female artist and me in a sexual clinch that provoked Facebook to remove my original presence there. Banned was printed 4" x 2.66" on 6" x 4" matt paper, and each of the edition of 750 was sold for just $A20, including postage. At the end of 2010, friends, collectors, press and fellow artists were sent New Year, another free edition of 1,000 signed but numberless prints of similar dimensions to Banned.
I am offering one more edition of small photographic prints, this time in monochrome. Cocksure will be limited to just 100 matt, digital R-prints, 4" x 2.66" on 6" x 4". Each will be signed and numbered and because of the relatively small edition, will be priced at $A100, including postage. Payment will be accepted via PayPal or bank transfer.
To order, simply email your name and address, and quantity to my studio and an assistant will respond with an invoice and payment instructions:

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