Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Slow Fade

The images began as a 'correspondence' with a dear friend of mine: a monochrome digital photograph emailed every couple of days, like a postcard, shot with the same 'film' and 'lens' combination within iPhone's popular Hipstamatic app'.
Later, we agreed to post them on Tumblr. A kind of narrative emerged, as if each frame was an excerpt from a storyboard for a film we had yet to shoot. There were unplanned, unsettling hints of sex, self-abuse, solitude and decay. The characters remained obscure. The
narrative shifted a little, if not towards clarity, whenever a new image was added.
Thirty-seven have been posted so far. We'll stop when there are 100.


urban butterfly said...

This is so beautiful, Hazel! I'm so happy that you decided to start posting to your blog again.

Your honest and soul-bearing writing has been a source of inspiration and solace for me.

Thank you!

peace & love

Imogen Skye said...

Hazel, I am learning profound things about myself because of you. If I did not have such a strong internal compulsion to grow into knowing, to be fully alive, I would hate you. I would be utterly repulsed by your imagery, your candor, and your consummate courage. And I'd be less inclined to express my gratitude and appreciation to you.

As it is, each time I encounter you through your work, I am inspired, usually without intellectual understanding of why, until I've had time to sit and be still. Then the genius of your work bursts out of my intuition, and suddenly I'm taller than I was, stronger than I was, and even more ready for more life.

Thank you. Sincerely.

urban butterfly said...

just saw the rest of the images....