Saturday, April 28, 2012

Art By Numbers

Camille Nathania introduced herself to me after my address at TEDx Brisbane, last year. A photograph she took of me there was part of her latest project, Numerology: a series of portraiture, which Camille writes, "explores the personalities of nine creatives and their birth numbers, aiming to visually communicate their sense of self through the lens".
will be included in a group exhibition titled We Heart Numbers, featuring the 14 female artists/designers/ photographers who form the We Heart Collective. It opens at 6pm on Friday, May 4th, at The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe and will continue until Saturday, May 19th. Further details (and a glimpse of some of the out-takes) can be found on Camille's blog. If you are interested in reading a transcript of what I said at TedX, it can be found here.


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Clear, simple writing is a joy. You excel at it. For someone with a self described "messy mind", I am amazed at the clarity with which you approach an idea in your blog. I was looking at one post from January this year, for example. Keep it up.


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love that photo...