Monday, April 23, 2012

Reality Check

My daily routine at the clinic is simple and mundane.
Each morning, I wake up, shower and straighten the coarse white sheets on my bed. I join other patients for breakfast in a large refectory. I attend a ward meeting at nine a.m. My psychiatrist has exempted me from group therapy. I did it for ten weeks, during my last stay in a psychiatric clinic. It didn't help. Here, my treatment is individual: a combination of TMS (see the entry below), daily one-on-one psychiatric appointments and an autonomous focus on a work habits.
My room is set up as an office.
For a number of reasons, I haven't felt like making art. Instead, I've been getting to grips with duller, less demanding stuff. I make calls, respond to emails, and make entries on spreadsheets. I note what I get done each hour, a way of monitoring my recovery and my ability to stick to a routine. Whenever I leave the room, I pack away my computer and power leads and put them in a small, secure locker. I also keep a ziplock bag of paints and watercolour paper in it but I haven't used them yet.
I have TMS in the afternoons, so my evenings are needed for recovery time. I watch TV. I write in my journal. I fall sleep before midnight.


Anonymous said...

Hazel .
I wish you a great recovery while your madness is fruitful so one might feel selfish (meaning me).
Best wishes for all you desire.

Morgan & Roman said...

Dear Hazel, stay strong, all the best. Roman

Professor Hush said...