Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Flashing For Cash

Another of my early works is going under the hammer.
Fashion Targets Breasts
, in high gloss enamel on canvas, 105cms x 148cms, was created specially as the 'headline' piece for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charity auction, in Queensland, way back in 1998. The cheeky, breats-bared image was widely publicised at the time, appearing (with my permission) in all advertising and editorials about the event, as well as on the invitation. It's one of my earliest works, so it's signed and dated HAZED 98, rather than the usually DOONEY.
The original buyer is selling the work at auction at Lawson-Menzies, in Sydney (sadly, the lousy catalogue image of the work doesn't give it the best chance of appealing to buyers) on Thursday, 17th May, at 6.30pm. It can be viewed beforehand at their gallery at 12 Todman Ave, Kensignton, from 10th May to 17th May. The pre-sale estimate is $A8,000 to $A12,000.

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Anonymous said...

I do found that period of your work really intincing sensuality and very interesting comments, my favorite ( because of the sharp edge fun in my own grin).This painting that I had not seen before is very great.
"Sad are my eyes as it is not the right time".
I wish you the best in that sale.
best wishes, charrlote,x.