Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You, Lisa

Like everyone else, I love surprises. This morning, I was delivered a package from the American professional artists' model, Lisa B. Byrne. Inside the brown box were various presents wrapped individually in contrasting shades of pink tissue paper.
I opened the card first. It was a candid and touching personal note. Then I unwrapped the first present to find a couple of cool hand made stickers: one urged me to 'Fuck Racism' in Southern Gothic script. Others contained a hot pink 'To Do' list (pictured above) designed by Lisa and printed on thick card, a cool Montana paint pen in Dooney pink, and a beautiful monochrome print of Lisa herself, posing nude.
I saved the best for last. It was shaped like an oversized bon-bon, wrapped in tissue and tied at each end with glossy black ribbon. Inside, I discovered a roll of shiny black bondage tape by Booty Parlor. According to the product description, it's a "strong, non-sticky cling film". I tried it. It was soft and smooth, like silk, and adhered to itself. I'm going to use it with my boyfriend when I see him next. Of course, Lisa will be invited.

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