Thursday, August 23, 2012

Regaining Momentum

I've spent the last couple of weeks sleeping off a respiratory infection.I got careless about my health, working long hours in my enamel studio and not getting enough fresh air or sleep. But there has been some good news.
Last week, a gouache on paper of mine, Study for Saint Shaniqua of Compton, sold at Lawson Menzies' Quarterly Fine Art Auction in Sydney for a total price of $A4,000. This exceeded Lawson-Menzies' pre-sale estimate of $A2,000 to $A3,000 and set a new high for the sale of my works on paper at auction. Last year, my works on paper were selling in the secondary market for around $A2,000.
The price reflects an increase in demand for my paintings, large and small, in watercolour, gouache and enamel, most of which are closely held by a core of avid collectors.
The study wasn't the best example of my works on paper. It's little more than a sketch, raw and unrefined, from a series I abandoned after trying out a couple of ideas. It was never intended to be seen, let alone sold. The high price paid for it bodes well for the value of pieces that are better examples of my work, although the study still represents a pretty good investment.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant work, Hazel! I expect we'll be reading many more of these blog posts as you work towards your goals : )

Self-care. One of the most difficult tasks to accomplish adequately when we're focussed. Look after YOU! You are important and deserving of care and love, especially from yourself. I have the same issue. I have to remind myself constantly to revisit "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay......awesome book : )