Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Kind of Collection

When a long-term collector of my work emailed to say she'd like a portrait of me as a tattoo, I surprised both of us by offering to draw it. 

As I've written before, I'm having my small collection of ink removed by laser. But I was intrigued by R.'s suggestion. I was also open to the idea because I have known her for a number of years. She's collected my art in a diverse range of styles and media. Adding a tattoo to her existing collection of my work made sense.

After I read the rest of her email I was in for sure – I'm partial to smart, articulate women. She wrote, "...I’ve always loved how personal (and often autobiographical) your work is, even as it is situated in a much broader social, cultural and feminist context."

R. chose one of my self-portraits from Pola Auto-Erotica as a reference. I drew the design after I got back from hospital, between other projects.

I emailed R. a minimalist line drawing and she suggested having her tattooist ink a little shade for the cheek bone. So I added soft shading to the face, blackened the lips and emailed it back. I told R. I don't mind if her tattooist adapts the image so it makes a better tattoo. I've seen the tattooist's work and she's a talented woman, skilled in both inking and placement of images on the body.

I have never drawn a design for a tattoo before. I didn't expect to and I don't plan on making it a habit. Yet it's been a fun experience. Besides, it's always good to break my own rules.

Above: Tattoo design for R., lead pencil on A4 copy paper.

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Aliki said...

I love this Hazel! This post caught my attention in a split second as I just got my second tattoo last night. Words again.

A finiteness open on the infinite

They're de Beauvoir's words and I love the piece the words are borrowed from - The Ethics of Ambiguity.

Thank you for sharing this image - it would look incredible on body :) XAliki