Thursday, October 06, 2016

Fine Motor Skills, Test Two (A+)

I painted the linework on this gouache study over the course of a day, a few days ago. Each side of the line is painted individually, so this section isn't finished yet.

As I mentioned in Fine Motor Skills, Test One, I drew the image last year, before my severe psych'-med'-induced dystonic reaction. Painting precisely is the best way to assess the recovery of my fine motor skills. I'm slower than I used to be and still have occasional waves of dystonia. But I can paint in a wide range of ways again and my exceptional fine motor skills are returning.

Finishing this gouache hasn't been a priority for me. Rather, it's something I've done between everything else: refining my online presence and strategy going forward; developing a range of new work in new media; consulting with my bookeeper, accountant and business mentor about the financial side of my career as I re-establish; closing my final enamel studio; emptying the storage unit associated with my enamel studio; re-connecting with collectors and friends; and looking at what other changes to make as I build the foundations for the next stage of my art and life.

That said, I've genuinely enjoyed painting this work. It's meditative, soothing and ultimately reassuring – proof that my unusually refined dexterity isn't gone, after all.

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