Saturday, October 01, 2016

No More Enamel Paint(ings)

The enamel period of my oeuvre has ended. My high gloss enamel paintings will only ever be available on the secondary market now.
Although the decision is final and I've worked toward it for an excruciatingly
long time, I found it hard to let go of materials I've accumulated over the years. For a couple of decades, tins of enamel paint were among my most important possessions. Whenever I moved I took them with me; transporting them myself from place to place, state to state.

The paints were a mix of discontinued colours, specialist enamel delivered from America and endless shades I custom-mixed myself. But there is no point continuing to store ageing hazardous paint – one tin has already exploded.
Over the last weeks I decanted my remaining high gloss enamel paint. Then took it to a rubbish tip that recycles and properly disposes of hazardous waste. As instructed by the council, I poured my bottles of turpentine over absorbent kitty litter so it became a solid material and disposed of that too.

I wore a breathing mask, changed my clothes and showered afterwards. But I'm still recovering from exposure to the fumes.
During the next weeks I will empty the rest of the storage unit associated with my enamel studio. I may need to rest afterwards but hopefully not for long.
I am impatient to focus completely on new work in non-toxic media. I have a build-up of words, ideas and new art inside me. I need to let it all out.

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