Saturday, December 10, 2016

Inside Out

Candid snapshot, taken yesterday. It's out of focus (except for the bookshelf) but aside from having more defined smile lines around my eyes, it's an accurate depiction of me now – in a private, unguarded moment with a friend.

I haven't posted many photos of myself recently because they're not relevant to my current work. I also wanted more time to heal in private. However I'm aware that people wonder how I am, given that I still go to the private psychiatric hospital for maintenance treatment.

In layman's terms I'm still crazy. I am not symptom free and it's unlikely I ever will be. Yet my psychiatrist describes me as being in 'partial remission'. It means that although I still experience symptoms of bipolar and comorbidities I have enough insight to manage them (most of the time). I do so with skills and strategies I've learned over the years, ongoing assistance from psychiatric specialists and periods of respite in hospital. It's a delicate balance. It will still take months, perhaps another year, to rebuild my physical strength after muscle atrophy caused by a long-lasting dystonic reaction. But I am making progress.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Hi Hazel,
You are looking healthy and radiant!
I am happy you are doing well and thank you
for the update on your new work.
much love, Alicia