Sunday, December 11, 2016

Poster No. 1

I wasn't thinking about accessible art when I made a DIY Grab Your Future by The Pussy! poster, printed at my local office supplies shop. I designed it for myself because I wanted a provocative, inciting mantra to hang above the desk where I work. It's a female alternative to 'grab life by the balls'.

The idea evolved after my best friend and unexpected muse Adam – a
long-serving military veteran with whom I often talk strategy and power – sent me this cartoon of Trump grabbing the Statue of Liberty by the pussy. I don't know who the artist is, but they're good. The image made me think more on liberty, women's rights (and responsibilities), autonomy over our bodies and freedom of choice. And, of course, the problematic and now-globally-known phrase 'grab by the pussy'. I wanted to shift the meaning of the phrase from invasive and threatening to defiant, humorous and above all pro-active. Regardless of who holds political power.

I was surprised by the strong, positive reaction to my poster – from both men and women.
I realised that text-based, high quality, 'autographed' posters are a way to make a print series that is conceptually strong (rather than just a reproduction of other work) and widely accessible. They're a solution to an idea I've thought about for over a decade.

So, i
response to requests, I had Grab Your Future by The Pussy!
made by a specialist company as an unlimited edition of A2 size posters
, digitally printed on premium photo gloss
255gsm paper with black lettering and a white background. My signature and the year are hand-written on each using a Posca acrylic paint pen in black or pink.

My posters are $A99 (Australian dollars) each. Single shipping is
via DHL courier: $A25 within Australia, $A45 to all international locations, with estimated arrival before two weeks. Posters are wrapped in archival tissue and a plastic sleeve, packed with care in a cardboard tube and shipped via courier to ensure they arrive in excellent condition. If you would like to receive your order faster or before a specific date please let me know. Shipping for large orders will be quoted individually.

Pricing covers production, packing, shipping, administration, GST (within Australia) and a very small profit marginmy posters are as inexpensive and accessible as my work is ever going to get. The price does not include taxes and duties on arrival for international orders, or insurance on shipping (though the latter can be arranged on request).

If you are interested in one (or more) of my posters, please email me at
The cut-off order date for posters to arrive before Christmas is Thursday 15 December.

Over time, I will add new posters to this series. However please note that these works
should be bought for love, not investment. They will look beautiful framed or cool pinned to the wall and I hope they'll incite and energise you as they do me. But they will not increase in value over the years in the same way as my other artworks. Please also note that – aside from one limited edition etching in 2001 that sold out long agothese posters will be my only series of prints. In addition to the ongoing Dooney Lives series, my primary focus from next year onwards will be large paintings and installations, with smaller one-off studies made during the creative process.
Above: Examples of Grab Your Future By The Pussy! posters in my studio, signed and dated in pink and black acrylic paint pen. Each poster is A2 size: 42 x 59.4cm (16.53 x 23.38 inches).