Friday, August 11, 2017

Natural High, Babe

Career Babe: High Court Judge was sold at auction by Menzies last night for $A17,182 in total ($A14k hammer price + buyer's premium). The result exceeded their estimate of $A12,000 - $A16,000. You can view details at Menzies' August 2017 Prices Realised (see Lot 117).

I'm delighted. The buyer now owns a classic, beautifully executed example of my work for a reasonable price. The vendor made a profit – I'm happy for collectors of my work see a return on their investment. The result is beneficial to other collectors who have invested in my work as it increases overall value. Although I was not directly involved in the sale, the result is beneficial to my primary market pricing.

I view a strong result on the secondary market as a "win-win" situation for everyone. As long as the market develops naturally, over time, without interference. And I've always made an effort to ensure this is the case with my work

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