Friday, October 06, 2017

Grey Matter

After years of shaving my head I wanted long hair again. I didn't know what to expect – I hadn't seen my natural colour or texture since I was seventeen. It turns out my hair falls in thick, loose curls and is rapidly turning grey. The baby hair above my right temple (where I had Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in 2012) is a patch of platinum silver. The same colour-devoid strands are scattered unevenly over the rest of my head.

When my hair was still only a few inches long I asked Belinda Jeffrey to dye it blonde. I consulted Belinda because I admire her precise use of colour. As an artist, I know it's not easy to custom-mix beautiful shades of cream, honey, caramel, burnt toffee, mocha and so on using paint. Belinda creates subtle shades of these colours on hair – which, unlike paper, is an unpredictable base medium. But she told me she preferred my natural colour, including the grey. I insisted, so she added tones that complemented instead of covered my original colour. Although they were beautiful, I realised she was right and have let it grow out naturally since.

Yesterday I returned to Belinda's salon, La Boutique, with longer and greyer hair. Kim Edwards trimmed the ends and reminded me how to take care of my unruly mane. Let it be.

Above: Self-portrait, reflected in a mirror at La Boutique.


Brian T said...

You seem so at peace, meditative, contemplating...

Hazel Dooney said...

Thank you, Brian. I am at peace. Finally.